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PMA is a distributor for the Mindray BS-120 Chemistry Analyzer.
bs-120 Product
Larger View
  • Discrete, random access, automated
  • 100 tests per hour, up to 300 tests per hour with ISE
  • Up to 28 onboard chemisrties and 4 ions
  • Refrigerated reagent compartment
  • Automatic probe cleaning, liquid level detection, collision protection
  • 8 wavelengths: 340-670nm
  • Automatic dilution for abnormal sample
  • External bar code reader (optional)
  • Bi-directional LIS interface
    Note:  BS-120 is NOT FDA APPROVED

Dynamic and real time display
  • Running status of reagent/sample tray and rection tray
  • Real time monitoring of reagent residual volume
  • Intelligent carr-over settings of adjust test sequence
  • Automatic probe depth adjustments
  • Ral time diagnosis of system working status
120 Product
Original reaction data record
  • Real time monitoring of reaction
  • Bichromatic testing to avoid interface
  • Simulanwously displays primary and secondary wavelengths
  • Deatil profile of alert messages
120 Product
Optimum calibration curve
  • Linear curve types: single-point linear, two-point linear, and multi-point linear
  • Nonlinear curve type: Logisitic-Log 4P, Logisitic-Log 5P, Exponential 5P, Polynomial 5P and Spline
120 Product

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